X meets Millennials

Year 2000 when I was born and in line with this is the birth of high technologies as well. Now that I am 17, I am happy that I became part of this generation. 😁 The generation wherein technology is highly used, wherein modernization is highly accepted.

I am a millennial teen. I know how to use computers and technologies. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I sometimes do what other millennial people do – except those which are not right. 😉

When other millennial people are continuously enjoying what they are doing, of course, there are also some who are against to them. Let’s say that they are the so called “Generation X” who were born late 1970s or 1980s. They do not want what the millennial are doing. Maybe because, technology and social media is not yet born in their times that’s why they were not fond of taking pictures, posting on social media sites, using high technology stuffs and the like.

But, I believe that someday, they will be able to get used of their millennial children or grandchildren and they will be able to accept that the system nowadays is rapidly adapting to modernization. 😀